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"...We've long championed the prospect of electricity-generating windows powering skyscrapers and tall towers..."

John Conklin, President and CEO 

"As leaders in the sector, we're setting out a clear vision for the future with this new, innovative technology."

John Conklin, President and CEO

"...possibly the biggest single breakthrough in clean energy -converting the solar rays of the sun into electricity on skyscrapers the world over,"

John Conklin, President and CEO

"...We believe that flexible glass can serve an even more valuable purpose by generating electricity using SolarWindow™ coatings,"

John Conklin, President and CEO

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Watch Our Technology on CCTV

SolarWindow President & CEO, Mr. John A. Conklin - interview with CCTV (Sept. 2016)

Imagine – SolarWindow

SolarWindow – Imagine electricity-generating windows

SolarWindow Inside NREL

Inside SolarWindow development at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Electricity From Glass

SolarWindow™ – Turning buildings into vertical power generators


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Mr. John A. Conklin