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How do I contact the company?

You may call SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. toll-free at 800-213-0689, or you may send an email using our contact form.

Are SolarWindow Technologies' shares publicly traded? If so, where are they available?

Yes, SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. is a next-generation alternative and renewable energy developer. It is currently publicly traded under the ticker symbol: WNDW on the OTC Pink Sheets exchange in the USA.

Following the change to our Company name, we also changed our ticker to ‘WNDW’, effective March 12, 2015, from ‘NENE’.

How do investors acquire SolarWindow Technologies’ shares for their portfolios?

Please see below for the following options:

WNDW common shares can only be purchased through a registered investment advisor, stockbroker, or financial services firm and/or bank that provides share brokerage services.

With the recent Company name change, the ticker symbol also changed to ‘WNDW’ from ‘NENE’. Shares will transition automatically to the new ticker symbol on the effective date of March 12, 2015.

Shares may not be purchased directly through the Company at this time.

Should you or your broker require additional information, kindly contact SolarWindow Technologies at 1-800-213-0689 or by using our website contact form to reach us.

Investor education information is available through the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Investor Education at, or on our SEC Filings page via:

Who is the Company’s transfer agent?

The Company’s transfer agent is Worldwide Stock Transfer, LLC. The transfer agent is able to assist investors who have misplaced, lost, or destroyed share certificates. Should you or your broker need to get in touch with the Company’s transfer agent, kindly refer to the contact information below:

Worldwide Stock Transfer
One University Plaza • Suite 505
Hackensack, NJ 07601

Phone: (201) 820-2008
Fax: (201) 820-2010

When are the Company’s quarterly fiscal reporting periods and when is the fiscal year-end?

SolarWindow Technologies’ quarterly fiscal reporting periods are as listed below:

Q1 September 1 through November 30
Q2 December 1 through February 28
Q3 March 1 through May 31
Q4 June 1 through August 31

SolarWindow Technologies’ fiscal year ends August 31

When and where was SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. originally incorporated?

SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. was first incorporated as Octillion Corp. in the State of Nevada, effective May 5th, 1998. The Company name was changed to New Energy Technologies, Inc. on January 14, 2009, and changed to SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. to align the corporate brand with the core product on March 9, 2015.

How can I receive updated financial information on SolarWindow Technologies?

SolarWindow Technologies routinely files financial reports and discloses financial information as per legal requirements stipulated by the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC). The Company’s filings may be viewed on this web site’s ‘SEC Filings’ section or at the SEC web site at

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