Dr. Alastair K. Livesey

Alastair K. Livesey, PhD, is a respected scientist and former business leader with Royal Dutch Shell plc and Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (ENER), and a highly experienced expert in the renewable, alternative, and conventional energy fields.From 2007 to 2011 he was Managing Director of Diverse Energy, which manufactures and sells ammonia based, fuel cell power systems for the telecoms industry, where he helped raise over £12M in equity and grant funding. In addition to his specific technical expertise in solar photovoltaics, fuel cells advanced batteries and hydrogen storage and related sustainable energy systems, Dr. Livesey brings extensive experience in materials science, protein crystallography, molecular biology, x-rays, neutron/EXAFS scattering for material property identification. Dr. Livesey also has experience in geological seismic interpretation, engine and vehicle testing, as well as alternative and conventional hydrocarbon-based fuels.

Dr. Livesey is currently a consultant in the renewable energy field and the former Executive Manager of New Business Development and Strategic Planning at Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. During his tenure at ECD, Dr. Livesey conducted financial evaluations and prioritization of solar research and development projects, conducted strategic studies of photovoltaic manufacturing expansion options, designed budgetary controls for multiple $60 million-plus capital building projects, and participated in efforts to raise $350 million by public stock offering. Dr. Livesey also served as Director of Business Development and Architecture Design for the developmental Cognitive Computer program and as Director of the Hydrogen Energy Systems business unit during his six years with the company.

Dr. Alastair K. Livesey holds a PhD in Experimental Physics (Amorphous Materials, Physics, Metallurgy, and Materials Science) from the Cavendish Laboratory of Physics at Cambridge University, an MA degree in Science, and a BA degree in Crystallography, Physics, Chemistry, and Math.