SolarWindow Alliance with Global Leader in Coating Process Manufacturer

June 2018

SolarWindow allies with nTact, a global leader in coating process knowledge and equipment manufacturing, necessary for large-scale production of SolarWindow™ transparent electricity-generating windows.

SolarWindow Filed Over 90 patents and Trademarks

SolarWindow has now filed more than 90 U.S. and international patents and trademarks for protecting its brand identities, products, services, processes, and materials.

SolarWindow Awarded U.S. Department of Energy Grant for Advanced Manufacturing

March 2018

SolarWindow has been awarded its first-ever advanced materials manufacturing Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) by the U.S. DOE.

New SolarWindow Performance Record

March 2018

SolarWindow set a new company performance record for power efficiency with a 34% increase in performance.

SolarWindow Advances Collaboration with Raynergy Tek

February 2018

SolarWindow has advanced collaboration with one of the world’s leading suppliers of organic photovoltaic materials, used by SolarWindow to coat ordinary glass and turn it into electricity-generating windows.


SolarWindow Production Update Released

September 2017

SolarWindow™ provides an important update on the manufacturing, marketing and product fabrication targets for its electricity-generating products for tall towers and skyscrapers.

SolarWindow Enters Agreement with Award-Winning Fabricator

August 2017

SolarWindow enters into an agreement for the fabrication of SolarWindow™ products with suburban Los Angeles-based Triview Glass Industries, LLC.

SolarWindow Successfully Processed Modules in Commercial Autoclave

May 2017

SolarWindow™ electricity-generating glass was successfully processed through the rigorous autoclave system for window glass lamination at a commercial window fabricator.

SolarWindow Passes Important Weather-Performance Testing

May 2017

SolarWindow coatings passed important weather-performance testing, being subjected to more than 200 freeze/thaw cycles, which yielded favorable performance results.

SolarWindow wins 2017 BIG Innovation Award

February 2017

SolarWindow was named a winner in the 2017 BIG Innovation Awards presented by the Business Intelligence Group.


SolarWindow Surpasses Critical Milestone for Manufacturing Electricity-Generating Windows

December 2016

SolarWindow expanding product development to include applying its electricity-generating coatings onto flexible glass – as thin as a business card (only 0.1-millimeter-thick) – that is flexible enough to be bent without breaking or cracking.

SolarWindow Surpasses Critical Milestone for Manufacturing Electricity-Generating Windows

October 2016

SolarWindow™ coatings successfully performed under test conditions designed to simulate the high pressure and temperatures of the ‘autoclave’ manufacturing processes used by commercial glass and window producers.

SolarWindow Surpasses Critical Milestone for Manufacturing Electricity-Generating Windows

September 2016

Initial work begun on transparent electricity-generating veneers. These could be applied directly on to existing windows of homes and commercial buildings, for which there are an estimated over 430 million square feet of windows in the U.S. alone.

'Invisible System’ for Transporting Electricity Within Electricity-Generating SolarWindow

July 2016

SolarWindow revealed an ‘invisible’ system for transporting electricity within the company’s electricity-generating windows, with high-power optical microscopy images, revealing elements of a SolarWindow™ Intra-Connection System that is virtually invisible to the human eye at approximately 50 micrometers (µm) wide, half the width of a human hair.
SolarWindow™ Transports Electricity Within Coatings Using Microscopic Channels (Left) That Are One-Half the Width of Human Hair (Right)

SolarWindow Process Breakthrough Generates Electricity for Next Generation Skyscraper Glass

April 2016

Performance tests of transparent electricity-generating coatings for glass and flexible plastics have produced favorable outcomes for glass-to-glass lamination processes.

SolarWindow Enters into Third Phase of Technology Development Agreement

March 2016

SolarWindow entered into Phase III of its Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).


Invisible Wires Start ‘Disappearing’ on Transparent Electricity-Generating SolarWindow

November 2015

Process breakthrough has enabled the advanced development of invisible wires as thin as human hair for improved transmission of electricity from the surface of its power-generating glass.

Expanding Market Reach with New Product Line

September 2015

Latest SolarWindow™ products in development to turn existing commercial glass on tall towers into electricity generating windows — no replacement required.

First-Ever Webcast with Commercialization Plan and Video Demo

August 2015

First-ever webcast includes first time release of revenue, industry partnership, and build-out strategy for bringing the company’s proprietary electricity-generating windows to market.


Latest Breakthrough Encouraging for Worldwide Production

June 2015

New research outcomes show favorable results that could lead to low-cost high-speed production in diverse geographic locations where altitude, air-pressure, and humidity can otherwise effect chemistry and manufacturing.

Easy Power Connection System Announced

May 2015

Traditional electrical wiring connections to be replaced with a simplified next-generation system for collecting the power produced by SolarWindow™ see-through electricity-generating windows.

Independent Validation Confirms One-Year SolarWindow™ Financial Payback

April 2015

Engineers and research scientists at the University of North Carolina Charlotte Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (UNCC-EPIC) independently reviewed and validated the Company’s SolarWindow™ proprietary Power Production and Financial Model. This Model calculates a financial payback of less than one year for the Company’s transparent electricity-generating SolarWindow™ technology.

Product Durability Testing Accelerates

March 2015

Encouraging test results from degradation and stability outcomes leads to the acceleration of important durability and product-lifecycle testing efforts, important to eventual products.

Fastest-Ever Industry Payback

February 2015

SolarWindow™ systems can achieve payback within one year, according to first-ever ‘quick payback’ financial modeling estimates. To produce the equivalent amount of power, conventional solar systems would require at least 5-11 years for payback and at least 10-12 acres of valuable urban land.


SolarWindow™ and US Congress

September 2014

SolarWindow™ modules are demonstrated to Congress during first-ever National Lab Day, co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. Attendees are unaware that SolarWindow™ is on the verge of achieving the industry’s fastest-ever financial payback, according to data released only a few months later.

Debut at America's Biggest Solar Exhibition

July 2014

Mr. John A. Conklin, President & CEO presents SolarWindow™ to the the most widely attended solar exhibition in the United States, InterSolar North America Conference (San Francisco, CA).

Outperforming Solar 50-Fold

June 2014

Installing SolarWindow™ on tall towers could outperform traditional rooftop solar systems by as much as 50-fold, according to Company engineers presenting new modeling data. SolarWindow™ is ready to debut at America’s most widely attended industry event, and before the United States Congress within the next 90 days.

New Record Set: 50% More Power

May 2014

Our SolarWindow™ sets a new record for generating electricity while remaining see-through, with more than 50% greater power than prior attempts publicized by others. This record-setting power production will lead to 50-times greater performance than solar, according to new modeling data released only 30 days later.

Biggest, High Performance SolarWindow™

March 2014

We build our biggest SolarWindow™ module.  It’s high-performance and 35% larger than before. We’re now more than 14 times the size of previously attempted devices measured at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. In only six weeks, SolarWindow™ will set a set another record. This time for power.

Color, Transparency, Power Improve

January 2014

SolarWindow™ surpasses milestone for color, variable levels of transparency, and power production allowing products under development to be adapted to different building characteristics. 90 days later, this advancement leads to our biggest high-performance SolarWindow™ module.


Energy Innovation Award 2013

December 2013

SolarWindow™is awarded the 2013 Energy Innovation Award by Energy Business Review, recognized as the most promising global energy project of the year.

In the months ahead new records are set for power and size, and important breakthroughs are achieved for color and transparency.

An Important Liquid Breakthrough

June 2013

A SolarWindow™ milestone is achieved when liquid polymers are applied to flexible plastics and glass in better ways than ever.  This improves our ability to create windows and other see-through products able to generate electricity. Six months later, this breakthrough will be the catalyst for an award-winning achievement for SolarWindow™.

A Boost to SolarWindow™ Development

March 2013

SolarWindow™ development is bolstered when the Company enters into Phase II of its Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the United States Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The next 90 days produce a major technical breakthrough. The year that follows generates record results.


Arrival at the World's Largest Event

November 2012

SolarWindow™ is selected for presentation at Energy Harvesting & Storage USA, the world’s largest event on energy harvesting and storage technologies, and their application. Before the end of the next quarter, SolarWindow™ research will escalate and lead to major breakthroughs.

Improving Speed, Cost, Durability.

June 2012

Improvements are made that could lead to high-speed manufacturing and greater durability of SolarWindow™ products. These process improvements are important to keeping costs low. These advancements prove especially valuable in the year ahead, as SolarWindow™ inches towards its goal of rewarding future customers with rapid financial payback.

SolarWindow™ Gets Invisible Wires

March 2012

Safely collecting electricity from the surfaces of see-through glass becomes possible when a virtually ‘invisible’ wiring system is developed for SolarWindow™ devices. After all, generating electricity on see-through windows is one task; transporting that electricity is another.

SolarWindow™ Starts to Grow Big

February 2012

SolarWindow™ grows to become more than 14 times larger than any device of-its-kind fabricated at the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. This major growth spurt transitions SolarWindow™ from lab-scale research towards product development. A few weeks later, invisible wires are developed for SolarWindow™ — another important stride towards commercial product.


Faster, Rapid Scale-Up

December 2011

For the first time ever, SolarWindow™ coatings are applied to glass using a new process.  Researchers believe they can now build bigger SolarWindow™ devices, and do so faster. President and CEO, John A. Conklin declares the event a “…breakthrough [which] marks a significant leap forward in our SolarWindow™ evolution…” The new process works. Seven weeks later SolarWindow™ becomes the largest-ever device-of-its-kind built at one of the world’s leading solar photovoltaic research institutions.

More Transparent. Exciting Colors.

August 2011

SolarWindow™ is more transparent and presents exciting color options.  This is possible when researchers use new coatings to create working prototypes. These lab-scale modules set a promising stage for bigger devices on the horizon. The next 120 days mark a notable shift away from small lab-scale devices to large area SolarWindow™ arrays.

From Cool Concept To Product

March 2011

SolarWindow™ moves beyond proof-of-concept and towards product development, after successfully building and publicly demonstrating the world’s first-of-its-kind see-through glass capable of generating electricity. The Company enters into an agreement with the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The upcoming months establish SolarWindow™ as a record-setting and award-winning breakthrough.

More Power-Per-Inch

March 2011

In order to boost power, researchers successfully triple the number of solar cells squeezed onto a single square inch of SolarWindow™ surface area. The Company’s focus on increasing power is a promising early sign of its transition beyond the lab and towards product development.


SolarWindow™ Concept Makes Public Debut

September 2010

SolarWindow™ concept modules successfully power the lights on a model house and turn mechanical rotor blades. In attendance are scientists, media, investors, and industry. SolarWindow™ quickly sets on a course beyond proof-of-concept through new efforts at one of the world’s most respected institutions for advanced solar photovoltaic research. New methods and materials are developed in order to make SolarWindow™ products suited for commercial manufacturing.



Ultra-Small Beginnings

May 2009

Scientists apply the world’s smallest solar cells to a transparent surface.

Early Flexible SolarWindowTM prototype with metal contacts - May 20, 2009